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All routes Wild Anjou

Carte vélo St Rémy la daguenière

Saint-Rémy-la-Varenne – La Daguenière Wild Anjou

( 13 km - 1Std 20Min )

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Between the embankments and the horticultural land, discover the spectacular dimension of the Loire at Saint-Mathurin-sur-Loire. Throughout the length of this route, you’ll be able to admire unique landscapes shaped by the flooding of two rivers – the Loire and the Authion. From ancient ports to Angevin low-lying land, let the flourishing natural world be your guide as you travel through the true cradle of Angevin horticulture, whose reputation for excellence has made its way around the globe. 

Carte vélo Montsoreau Saumur

Montsoreau - Fontevraud Anjou and its Heritage Wild Anjou

( 6 km - 45 min )

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Leave the ‘ligérien’ ambiance of the Loire behind you to visit Fontevraud and its prestigious Royal Abbey – the biggest monastic complex in France. Dolmens, windmills, and an old farm that is now home to one of France’s last surviving soap factories will surprise you as you wend your way along this bucolic rural route. 

Carte vélo La Flèche Baugé

La Flèche - Baugé Anjou and its Heritage Wild Anjou

( 19 km - 2h )

A landscape of woods and forest, an itinerary connecting two towns boasting a rich and varied heritage, and ultimately, a river and a tributary in perfect harmony. The redeveloped former railway line offers a family-oriented escape route that will bring you to a clearing, or into the leafy shade. And after all that fresh air, why not indulge in a spot of cultural tourism? 

Carte vélo Saumur St Rémy

Saumur – Saint-Rémy-la-Varenne Val de Loire Anjou and its Heritage Wild Anjou

( 31 km - 2Std 40Min )

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At the heart of the Loire Anjou Touraine Regional Nature Park, the little towns dotted along the Loire will form the stages of your route, connecting the elegant town of Saumur to Saint-Rémy-la-Varenne and its ancestral priory. As we can tell by the menhirs and other dolmens scattered throughout the region, this is an environment that was much-appreciated by our ancestors – a tradition that continued more recently, too, with an abundance of religious edifices built of ‘tuffeau’ stone. At the start or finish of your ride, lose yourself in the history and alleys of the pretty town of Saumur, the horse-riding capital! 

Carte vélo Parcay les pins

Boucle de Parcay-Les-Pins Wild Anjou

( 18,5 km - 1 hrs 40min )

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This wooded, rustic ride on the very edges of Anjou is an invigorating one! Through lakeside pine forests, this route offers an energizing cocktail of wide open spaces, minor heritage sites and the discovery, ultimately, of the native town of a sculptor, a friend of Rodin. 

Carte vélo lac de rillé

Around Lac de Rillé and Parc du Lathan Wild Anjou

( 17,5 km - 1hrs 40 min )

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Welcome to a truly rustic atmosphere! The diversity of the environments in which you will blossom – aquatic, wooded, forested – will have you spellbound. Park your bike and stop to visit the Lathan chateau and grounds, or the Musée Jules Desbois – a sculptor who worked with Rodin. 

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