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All routes Loire Valley

Carte vélo Saumur St Rémy

Saumur – Saint-Rémy-la-Varenne Val de Loire Anjou and its Heritage Wild Anjou

( 31 km - 2Std 40Min )

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At the heart of the Loire Anjou Touraine Regional Nature Park, the little towns dotted along the Loire will form the stages of your route, connecting the elegant town of Saumur to Saint-Rémy-la-Varenne and its ancestral priory. As we can tell by the menhirs and other dolmens scattered throughout the region, this is an environment that was much-appreciated by our ancestors – a tradition that continued more recently, too, with an abundance of religious edifices built of ‘tuffeau’ stone. At the start or finish of your ride, lose yourself in the history and alleys of the pretty town of Saumur, the horse-riding capital! 

Carte vélo la daguenière bouchemaine

La Daguenière – Bouchemaine Val de Loire

( 15 km - 1 hr 10 min )

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On this journey, you’ll travel alongside the Loire, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, taking full advantage of the quiet La Levée de Belle Poule road as far as the gateway to the old port town of Ponts-de-Cé. Next, head for the Fleur de Loire - Sainte-Gemmes-sur-Loire - where you’ll discover its tourist facilities, and continue as far as the confluence at Bouchemaine. 

Carte vélo Bouchemaine Chalonnes

Bouchemaine - Chalonnes-sur-Loire Exploring the vineyards Val de Loire

( 22 km - 2 hrs15 min )

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This ride offers superb views and points of interest! The confluence of the Maine and Loire rivers is a veritable paradise for aquatic and migratory birds, with the charm of the Bouchemaine tourist facilities and its village at La Pointe. It also offers the lively quays of La Possonnière and Chalonnes-sur-Loire. And we almost forgot to mention the pleasure of contemplating the well-reputed Savennières vineyard, with its well-exposed slopes, prior to tasting its quintessence 

Carte vélo Chalonnes St Florent le vieil

Chalonnes-sur-Loire – Saint-Florent-Le-Vieil Val de Loire Unique Anjou

( 23 km - 2hrs )

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Quays, an island, atypical strolls sprinkled with artistic works and words… this itinerary is made for those who love History and stories. Here, you’ll breathe in all the loveliness of the great river which will lead you from a game of boule de sable to the heights of Mont Glonne, taking in monumental sculptures en route. Get ready to be surprised! 

Carte vélo St Florent le vieil Champtoceaux

Saint-Florent-le-Vieil – Oudon Val de Loire Anjou and its Heritage

( 26 km - 2 hrs 20 min )

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The majestic Loire, headlands withexceptional panoramas … the Saint-Florent-le-Viel/Oudon road offers a wealth of discoveries. 

Bearing the scars of history and the Vendée Wars, this route has been highly praised by both Joachim du Bellay and Julien Gracq. 

Carte Daon - Le Lion d'Angers

Daon / La Jaille-Yvon - Le Lion d'Angers Val de Loire Anjou and its Heritage

( 21 km - 2hrs )

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Enjoy a bucolic ride along a riverbank once used by bargees for towing their barges. Follow the unspoilt path of this river as it flows through a landscape alternating cliffs, prairies, inhabited backdrops of farmhouses and country cottages. And to complete the experience, a section in the heart of the wilderness, on the Isle Briand estate - home to the National Haras (stud farm) and the Lion d’Angers racecourse. 

Carte vélo Montsoreau Saumur

Montsoreau - Saumur Exploring the vineyards Val de Loire Anjou and its Heritage Unique Anjou

( 15 km - 1h50 )

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Between Anjou and Touraine, this route will take you through the prestigious setting of the Loire and its chateaux. Along the banks of this legendary river lies one of the most beautiful villages in France – made famous by the Alexandre Dumas’ lovers. Hugging the banks of the Loire, you’ll be able to meander through the very guts of the soft stone, travelling past the troglodyte dwellings dug into the slopes - where a plethora of stately homes are tucked away, built of ‘tuffeau’ stone, extracted from the huge local quarries. If you choose the Montsoreau-Saumur itinerary via the slopes, you’ll be able to meander through the vineyards, taking full advantage of a unique panoramic view over the Loire! 

Carte vélo Angers Bouchemaine

Angers station - Bouchemaine Val de Loire

( 10 km - 50 min )

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Leaving behind Angers and its castle – a unique fortress in Val de Loire, and home to the world’s biggest collection of medieval tapestry, cycle along the banks of the Maine and snake around Lac de Maine, exploring the Basses Vallées Angevines wetlands at close quarters. These floodplains provide an ideal environment for birds, and are part of the Natura 2000 network of protected areas. 

Carte vélo Chalonnes Thouarcé

Thouarcé - Chalonnes-sur-Loire Exploring the vineyards Val de Loire

( 26 km - 2 hrs 30 min )

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The Thouarcé - Chalonnes-sur-Loire itinerary takes you to the very heart of the Coteaux du Layon and Aubance vineyards. Discover a steep landscape that is a patchwork of vines, mills, wine-growing estates and character properties. By following the old railway tracks of Petit Anjou, you’ll find yourself hugging the meanders of the Layon – a river very much appreciated for its fishing. 

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