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All routes Layon Aubance Itinerary

Carte vélo les ponts de cé Thouarcé

Les Ponts-de-Cé - Thouarcé via Brissac-Quincé Exploring the vineyards Anjou and its Heritage

( 34 km - 3 hrs 30 min )

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Welcome to the Pays de Bacchus, at the southern gateway to Angers. This itinerary offers you the opportunity to trace a path through vineyards and wine-growing estates, past mills and character properties. It also offers numerous opportunities to take a break in the charming villages, built of schist and ‘tuffeau’ stone. 

Carte vélo Chalonnes Thouarcé

Thouarcé - Chalonnes-sur-Loire Exploring the vineyards Val de Loire

( 26 km - 2 hrs 30 min )

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The Thouarcé - Chalonnes-sur-Loire itinerary takes you to the very heart of the Coteaux du Layon and Aubance vineyards. Discover a steep landscape that is a patchwork of vines, mills, wine-growing estates and character properties. By following the old railway tracks of Petit Anjou, you’ll find yourself hugging the meanders of the Layon – a river very much appreciated for its fishing. 

Comité Départemental du Tourisme de l'Anjou

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