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All routes Circuits in Touraine Angevine

Carte vélo Parcay les pins

Boucle de Parcay-Les-Pins Wild Anjou

( 18,5 km - 1 hrs 40min )

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This wooded, rustic ride on the very edges of Anjou is an invigorating one! Through lakeside pine forests, this route offers an energizing cocktail of wide open spaces, minor heritage sites and the discovery, ultimately, of the native town of a sculptor, a friend of Rodin. 

Carte vélo lac de rillé

Around Lac de Rillé and Parc du Lathan Wild Anjou

( 17,5 km - 1hrs 40 min )

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Welcome to a truly rustic atmosphere! The diversity of the environments in which you will blossom – aquatic, wooded, forested – will have you spellbound. Park your bike and stop to visit the Lathan chateau and grounds, or the Musée Jules Desbois – a sculptor who worked with Rodin. 

Comité Départemental du Tourisme de l'Anjou

Green shoots for the future in anjou.fr

Conseil général de Maine-et-Loire