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With Cyclopedia® app, go to the discovery of Loire in Anjou Loire Valley in an original way!

Pedal with pleasure on the La Loire à Vélo itinerary between Gennes and Montjean-sur-Loire in Anjou with Cyclopédia® application, the multimedia guide - coupled with a GPS designed for cyclists touring with the La Loire à Vélo itinerary. 

You are free, as the whim takes you, to make use of the corresponding visual or audio content.  

Learn to recognise the song of a bird that is emblematic to the Loire Angevine, listen to the commentary of a wildlife photographer, observe a plant that is typical of the sandbank fauna, interpret a landscape… with GPS to help, you always know exactly where you are.  

With a dedicated map, automatic triggers and audio functions, the Cyclopedia® application will guide you on this magnificent itinerary of the Loire by bike and will make you discover outstanding natural and cultural features of the Loire river, registered in the UNESCO world heritage. 

Cyclopedia® displays: 

-an itinerary along the Loire by bike in Anjou between Gennes and Montjean-sur-Loire over 70 km, either up-stream or down-stream, 

-highlights along this itinerary, that will automatically be displayed when you pass near them. 

-tremendous photos and illustrations (tweet of an emblematic bird of the Loire, testimony of an inhabitant mentioning this river flood waters, interview of one of the few professional fishermen…), 

-a quiz about local culture, 

-a detailed map of the region. 

Download the Cyclopedia® application on your smartphone, available through all App Store and Google Play

Cyclopedia app

Flash this code and visit the Loire à Vélo in Anjou Loire Valley ! 

Launch the application and choose which way you wish to cycle. 

Access the stop list and choose the one you are interested in. 

At last, navigate on the map, zoom in and zoom out, click on one of the itinerary steps to know more. 

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Conseil général de Maine-et-Loire