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‘Accueil Vélo’ Partners

A network of "Bikes Welcome" accommodation

Throughout Anjou’s network of cycle-friendly routes, La Loire à Vélo in particular, but also around the newly-developed routes, almost a hundred providers of accommodation (campsites, hotels, B&Bs, etc.) have undertaken to offer you the best possible reception, including services specially suited to cyclists (advice and knowledge about itineraries, bicycle shelters, repair materials for minor breakdowns, suitable catering facilities, etc.) These hotels, campsites, and rooms are located within 5 km of La Loire à Vélo and are recommended places to stay. 

List of establishments offering accommodation 

Professional hire companies and repairers

These professional hire companies are signatories to a benchmark and can offer advice about cycling, quality exchange equipment or repairs in the event of a problem, appropriate opening times, bike transport, etc.) 

Bicycle Hire and Repair 

Comité Départemental du Tourisme de l'Anjou

Green shoots for the future in anjou.fr

Conseil général de Maine-et-Loire